Digital Marketing Solution for Multi-Store Retail Chains.

A first of its kind solution for Multi Retail Chains to virtualise ‘Physical’ Stores for Local area marketing.

Get stand alone websites for every Store in your Retail Chain. Integrate it into your existing website through the ‘Store Locator’ Link using Google Map implementation. And promote it locally for 'Direct to Customer' Lead Capture and Sales.

For 360 Marketing of your Retail Store Chain.

How does Footfalls Enterprise work for Multi-Store Retail chains?

1. Website Set up.

Set up Multiple Micosites for each Store in the Network with Multi-Store user Accounts. The Website can be accessed from the Store Locator Link.

2. Publishing Price and Deals.

Every Stores can publish full details of Products, Price and in-store Deals in Real Time. Customers can browse any Local Store, Online, and send Enquiries directly to the Store Manager.

3. Promoting Stores Nationally and Locally.

Each Store can be Promoted Locally as well as via Internet for 360 degree Marketing. This results in Sales Enquiries from potential customer which then can be converted to Walk-ins at the Store for potential sales closure.

Take the Shopping Experience to the Customer’s Home.

  • Electronics & Mobiles
  • Computers
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Footwear
  • Garments
  • Gyms & Weight loss
  • Spa and Auyvedic Centers
  • Skin Care & Beauty Therapy
  • Dental Services
  • General Wellness Clinics

And get started with Marketing of your Retail Stores chain.

Access any Store via the ‘Store Locator’ Link.

Create ‘Local Neighborhood Presence’ and ‘Finger–tip reach’ for your Products via Internet and Mobile. Customers can now do local shopping at any Store in the Retail Network - From Anywhere – Anytime. (From Home or from Office or even while Travelling.) A unique local shopping experience called ‘Home Commerce’.

Multi-Device Responsive Micro site allows user-friendly browsing of any Store.

Ensures best presentation on Large screen PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart phones. Gets your Products and Deals at finger tip reach of your local Neighbourhood customers.

For 360 Marketing of your Retail Store Chain.

Adds muscle to your Local Store Marketing. Control Nationally – Operate Locally:

With sustained efforts, it is guaranteed to help Retailers grow their Business using the Internet medium.

Local Ares Advertising takes a new meaning in local media and BTL.

Get more Search Engine Traffic from location tagged product pages within multiple stores in every location.

Social Media Sharing Local area deals with local friends.

For 360 Marketing of your Retail Store Chain.